Monday, May 9, 2011

Tu madre

Happy Mother's Day. Exhausting, long day with a couple perks here and there. Waking up to a homemade book/card from Aaron...HUGE perk, flowers, flowering plants, deeeeelicious Greek omelet (made by the sweet Nick)...also huge perks. Great time with family, did as little as humanly possible all day til Nick went to work; then I made a kickass stromboli for my Dad, Aaron and I :)

I've been a little emotionally unavailable...some of you have noticed, some probably haven't...there's a lot going on right now. We'll be fine but, could maybe use a few more prayers and positive thoughts than normal. I completed one week on the C25K program, also ran all the way to Aaron's school (not fast!), stopping twice...once for 30 seconds (I walked), and once due to a wardrobe malfunction. I don't know how long it took because I left my phone at home for the first time since 2001. But I know it took less than 20 minutes for sure because I was early. It's a little over a mile and a half. :p

I'm beat....long week of baseball, volunteering, teacher meetings, and American Idol'ing ahead.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm back! I need a new goal!

Apparently I only post well and often on here when there's some sort of goal or challenge. 

SO- I've started the Couch To 5K program (C25K)...let it be known, I will not be running marathons but, my goal is to run 5 miles (not sure how many K's that is) or 60 minutes straight. I like to be active, I'm NOT a runner though, especially after breaking my ankle. I'm looking to change that, though. I think it will actually be good for the old ankle, as well.

Also, in addition to my weekly reviews, song picks, and (coming soon) feature pieces on the Top Four American Idol contestants for I want to follow The Voice each week as well. I'll be reviewing it and posting it here on this blog. I love the concept so far, I was surprisingly entertained.

There we have it...a couple goals or projects to keep my flighty little brain occupied. Thanks for sticking around :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

I need to stop

I need to stop watching The Bachelor...I think I always did know I'd be angry watching it, which is why I never really did. I'd watch snippets here and there, and a couple times I watched to see who got picked. I just keep seeing flaws in this show. First of all I feel like the speed of things is ridiculous and I feel it's too much of a fairy tale world and not real world. I think anyone would *feel* in love going on all these exotic trips, shopping sprees, etc. It's so unrealistic and I don't know...phony? Pointless? Whatever it is, I'm hooked this season and I have such a bad feeling "my girl" is not getting picked. However, I think she's too good for brad anyway so I guess it would be a blessing, really :)

NOW, on to my rave, after my rant...I went to Trader Joe's earlier...I needed produce and some dinner ideas. I'm in a bit of a rut and knew their awesome veggies and unusual sauces, fresh organic meat, etc would inspire me...and it did. I got 10 dinners, 2 weeks of lunch items for Aaron...healthy AND delicious, treats, etc...a CART full...for $170. Milk is cheaper here, they had little vegan slider buns, and fresh lamb, fabulous, pretty stew meat, organic chicken is 4 bucks cheaper than my grocery store and SEVEN dollars cheaper than Whole Foods. I just feel good having quick snack/lunch options that are healthy...also had to pick up frozen mango and some wasabi things ever :) OH and it's only place I can find the best spicy black bean salsa with NO salt!

OK - now my crazy list making self has to go and plan my day tomorrow, I'm doing bills and errands for my parents AND my brother and it's overwhelming and a little confusing :) LOVED the 4 day weekend though and so excited for Aaron's month off starting Friday!

Adios y'all.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time...

OK ladies, (and maybe some gentlemen) by show of many of you have gotten bored with your hair, bored in general or felt inspired and picked up scissors? How many of you almost instantly regretted it? I'd be willing to bet a good chunk of money that the number of "doing" and "regretting" is exactly even. We have ALL done it. Some of us even feel brave and go the color route. I have a story about going blonde and actually ending up with polka-dots on one part but we're discussing cuts so that story has to wait.

Monday night...Valentine's Day, I was laying on the couch, skimming emails when I remembered I needed to schedule a haircut. I also remembered the last chick who cut my hair and refused me bangs when I requested them. "OH no! I never cut bangs on clients who aren't already sporting them. You just don't know if it looks good until it's too late." I told her I've had bangs tons of times and I really just wanted long ones to give more styling options. Still, I was denied. That very rarely sits well with me. I remembered this exchange as I laid on the couch and decided, I will cut myself my OWN bangs. Oh yes, I would so show her. I consulted YouTube for tutorials and learned not to do it wet, snip in small sections vertically. Also saw something about "don't do it at home"...blah blah.

Feeling empowered I went into my bathroom with the haircutting shears and had a flashback of cutting my little sister's bangs when we were about 12 and seven, not to dwell in the past I'll just briefly say she had to spike her bangs for weeks. I parted, clipped, checked and double checked the section for evenness, etc. Then I took a deep breath, and grabbed a large section and clipped it about an inch above my chin. I immediately remembered I hated bangs. With some cleaning up, measuring, checking length and so on, I realized how hard it is to cut bangs with hair in your eyes. I went way too close to my ear on the right side and froze. I refuse to really look too closely at it because I'm pretty sure it looks like the beginnings of a fabulous mullet.

I had an appointment to have it fixed this morning but, her daughter is sick so I'm first appointment on Wednesday morning. I swear I heard her roll her eyes when I confessed my indiscretion.

I am damn sure not posting a before but, y'all will get the "after."

I'm sharing this story per request of my sweet friend Paula. Moral of this story is...we didn't go to Beauty School for a reason.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

National Heather Day

National Heather Day is what I call my birthday...I think it's cute, funny and shows that our birthday should be a big deal and we SHOULD be celebrated. It actually annoys some people that I call it that, and THAT amuses me to no end. They must not have awesome birthdays and are bitter :P

Today started with chocolate chip pancakes for the boys and Red Velvet Cupcakes for the Birthday Girl :) Yesterday we went to Squeeze In for my bday breakfast, Nick and Aaron gave me their cards and presents this AM as well ( Candles, Starbucks and AMC giftcards, etc) Aaron's card came w/ a "#1 Mom" button..cute. Also received today were Borders, and Barnes & Noble giftcards, SUPER pretty flowers from my boy BFF in Georgia, Chris. My sister sent me an A-mazing gift box from . I'm obsessed and already bought refills and a few extra things ;) Also got a free birthday gift from Sephora...Philosphy's birthday body wash. See why I love birthdays?!
Since Nick was off tonight I asked him to make his world-famous ribs for dinner...YUM. Better than ANY restaurant, no joke. 
Mainly I just love the family time and new photo ops :)
Between Aaron, my Mom, Nick and I we have 4 birthdays in 6 weeks :) (December 25-Feb 8).
And I don't just love MY National Day...I love y'all's too:)

Monday, January 31, 2011

This is the end, beautiful friend...

This is the final day of January which also signifies the final day of my "blogging everyday in January" challenge to myself. I did it :) It was actually much harder than I thought. It was fun 95% of the time but, on nights/days I wasn't feeling it for whatever reason...I really would have rather used that time reading, relaxing, etc. But, I was always happy after I wrote something because I didn't quit. And I knew I'd be a little less proud if I missed a day or two. Yes, a very small accomplishment but, an accomplishment, nonetheless :)

Watching the Bachelor...getting angry. There's a good chance I might shoot off an annoyed post-show rant...we shall see. Thank you for reading...I am still going to post in the new goal is to *try* to post 3-5 days a week. It will be nice to only blog on days I actually have something to share and not feel like I just have to fill space. Thanks for coming along for the ride :) Knowing this blog was being read made it a lot more fun and definitely encouraging.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Two posts away from posting everyday in Jan :) Yes, I didn't post yesterday....BUT! I posted two times in one day, early in the it all evens out in my book. Don't forget, we play by Heather-rules around these parts ;)

Today is Nick's birthday...Aaron and I took him to for birthday breakfast (sneaky sneaky, so I didn't have to cook)! If you are in or around Reno/Tahoe/Truckee, must MUST try it. It's a fabulous experience from beginning to end, every time. F'real.

Came home for cake and gifts before Nick had to go to work, too full for cake but, the presents were a hit.

Now I decided to treat myself again for Nick's birthday and order pizza and wings for dinner. Apparently I have taken the day off :)

T-minus 9 days til National Heather Day :)